Zenion: Urban zero-emissions mobility

We provide zero-emission delivery vehicles to fleets and riders, with the best maintenance and safety standards in the industry

Let’s work together

We keep things moving. That’s what we do.

Zenion keeps you moving and earning money, whether you’re an individual rider, a franchisee for a pizza chain, a last mile logistics firm or a micromobility provider.

For the Riders

Stuart riders

If you’re a rider for Stuart, we have a great weekly rental offer at £65 per week, all inclusive. Earn more from Stuart by riding with us!

Uber riders

If you’re a rider for Uber, we have a great weekly rental offer at £75 per week, all inclusive. Earn more from Uber by riding with us!

E-bike hire

Whether you’re a delivery courier or a commuter, the Noord e-bike is just perfect for you. Available from our partner ConnectBike.

AdMoto riders

We’ve partnered with AdMoto to bring their advertising-supported motorcycles to London. Prices start from just £3 per day.

For Business

Fleet customers

We provide fully maintained leased electric delivery motorcycles or e-bikes and can take on the maintenance of your existing electric fleet.


The UK’s largest micromobility providers rely on us to keep their fleet moving and looking good. Find out how we can make your life easier.

Our specialist delivery vehicles

We can provide a ready-made fleet of urban zero-emission last-mile delivery vehicles, which are proven to be the toughest and most suited to business applications. They are available to lease direct to businesses, or to individuals through our partnerships with Stuart and AdMoto.

The Super Soco CPx
Our 125cc-equivalent scooter: the only electric motorcycle that can cope with delivery
Used by all the major last mile food and groceries delivery customers
Adjustable top speed between 30 mph to 56 mph, 80 miles of range with 2 batteries
Noord e-bike
Advanced electric bicycle to keep riders happy and productive
Pedal assist, limited to 15.5mph, with 250W Shimano torque assist motor
Range approximately 44 miles per battery, additional batteries available
Best solutions

Why choose Zenion?

We believe in Zero Emissions, No stress, Innovative products and services, Outstanding customer support and Novel ways to solve the last mile.  That’s Zenion!

  • Decades of experience in electric vehicles, fleet management and maintenance.

  • Nationwide coverage, rapid deployment of proactive servicing and reactive fixes.

  • Specialist mobile mechanics and tooling with most jobs completed on-site.

Trusted by all the major last mile delivery companies in the UK